Useful Links


Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB)
Always check with the Structural Pest Control Board to verify that the company you may use has a current license.

Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC)


California Department of Health & Safety
General overview of molds, including health effects and cleanup.

The Environmental Protection Agency
General information on molds, how to control mold growth and remediation guidelines.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Fact sheet with general overview on mold and health effects.


Termidor SC MSDS
Chemical used to treat subterranean termites.

Vikane MSDS
Fumigant used to irradicate drywood termites.

Tim-Bor MSDS
Chemical used to treat fungus infection/dry rot.

Invader HPX-20 MSDS
Chemical used to locally treat drywood termites.

Premise 75 MSDS
Foam used in the process of irradicating drywood termites.